The Purple Cat

The Purple Cat was founded in 2003 to offer day-program alternatives for adults. Clients participate in a wide range of vocational functions, creative projects and classes that develop daily-living skills. The goal is to prompt each individual to achieve his or her potential. The Purple Cat motto is "Work hard, be kind and have fun."


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Blaze and Sugar Ray Prepare to Enroll at Purple Cat

Thanks to Columbiana Farmer Brian Sevenich, two “red” miniature donkeys will be enrolling at the Purple Cat. Blaze and his son, Sugar Ray, will be moving to the Alpaca barn sometime in April. The boys are a respective 32 inches and 36 inches high and will protect the barn animals. Of course, the Purple Catters [...]

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade a Cold Success

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in cold style this year at the Youngstown St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Near 10 degree temperatures did not daunt the ISLE, Purple Cat, and Golden String faithful. Our Parade floats and activities were organized and directed by Amy Rigby. Over 80 of our friends attended. Special thanks to Hill, Barth, [...]

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