The Purple Cat

The Purple Cat was founded in 2003 to offer day-program alternatives for adults. Clients participate in a wide range of vocational functions, creative projects and classes that develop daily-living skills. The goal is to prompt each individual to achieve his or her potential. The Purple Cat motto is "Work hard, be kind and have fun."


What is happening:

Pennsylvania Purple Cat Clubhouse Takes Shape

In Edinburg, Pennsylvania another Purple Cat is on the rise. On Hillsville Road, A Purple Cat Clubhouse is being constructed to extend the agriculture, socialization, and animal care missions of the Purple Cat. The property is situated in 21 acres of woodlands between routes 224 and 422. Builders expect occupancy in summer of 2015.

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The Upcycling Initiative

Hello everyone! As the new year approaches, we are preparing to begin a new venture that combines our production program with an upcycling twist. As we’ve always been avid supporters of recycling, we are taking it to a new level and creating upcycled and repurposed products that are inventive, purposeful, and unique….one ­of ­a ­kind [...]

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