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The Purple Cat was founded in 2003 to offer day-program alternatives for adults. Clients participate in a wide range of vocational functions, creative projects and classes that develop daily-living skills. The goal is to prompt each individual to achieve his or her potential. The Purple Cat motto is "Work hard, be kind and have fun."

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June Employee Spotlight: Carole Swope

Q. How many years have you worked/volunteered at Isle, Purple Cat, or Golden String? A. 4 years Q. What do you do for the organization? A. Day Program Instructor Q. Name a client from Isle, Purple Cat, or Golden String that inspires you, and why. A. Danny Kerr. No matter what is asked of him [...]

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May Employee Spotlight: Brandon Flasck

Q: How long have you worked at The Purple Cat? A: 13 months Q: What are your job duties and what do you enjoy doing the most? A: I like doing dishes the most. I also clean tables and help out with all janitorial needs. Q: Who is your favorite staff and why? A: Debbie [...]

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