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April Employee Spotlight: Jude Mikulich

Q) How many years have you worked/volunteered at Isle, Purple Cat, or Golden String? A) 1⁄2 years Q) What do you do for the organization?A) I work with our theatre, radio station, P.C.M.C. band, and help our individuals with singing. Q) Name a client from Isle, Purple Cat, or Golden String that inspires you, and […]

New Castle News: People with special needs have variety of options at Farmer Casey’s Ranch

The picturesque red buildings, a 9-acre lake, geese grazing in the grass and live farm animals deliver a peaceful setting. Lugene Pezzuto/NEWS Farmer Casey’s Ranch, part of the Purple Cat group and its largest location, is a day-program vocational facility in Coitsville that allows ample opportunities for each person with developmental disabilities to achieve his […]

Two Additional Peacocks Added to Farm

On March 23, 2019, two female peacocks were added to the Purple Cat family. The females were added to compliment two males that were rescued in 2018.  There are now four pairs of peacocks at Farmer Casey’s Ranch.  We are hoping for more eggs and peachicks soon! Also added were a pair of Golden Pheasants.  […]

March Employee Spotlight: Melany Dugan

Q: How long have you worked at the Purple Cat and what do you do and or like about it?A: I’ve worked in the kitchen at Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket since October of 2018. I like being able to prepare salads and socialize with friends. Q: What city do you live in?A: Boardman Q: Who is […]

WKBN: Purple Cat looking for job seekers with a big heart

Courtesy: WKBN Jobs Now BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you have a heart for others, there is a job in town for you.   The Purple Cat, which offers day-program alternatives for adults, has some open positions.  Janine Miely has been with Purple Cat for seven years. She is involved in the arts and crafts section, which […]

January 20th Highlights Winter Beauty at Farm

On January 20th, 2019, the splendor of the Purple Cat farm at Farmer Casey’s Ranch was on full display.  The waning afternoon sun splashed its warmth on the chickens and guinea fowl in the hen house.  The “frizzle” chickens appreciated the warmth.  The “supermoon” (eclipse and wolf moon) illuminated the night.  We are thankful to […]

February Employee Spotlight: Chris Marchionda

How many years have you worked/volunteered at Purple Cat? A long, long time ago, like 5 years.If you could have any job in the world what job would you want? Ooh, Doctor, have witch hazel, band aids, rubbing alcohol.Name someone from Isle, Purple Cat or Golden String that you like to hang out with and […]

Happy Birthday to “The Bike Man”

Richie R. turned “the big 50” in November. He celebrated in style with his family and friends at his church. He enjoyed a bicycle themed cake and chocolate covered Oreos and Nutter Butters. Way to go “Bike Man”! Richie works at the farm and is in charge of all bike repairs within the ISLE/Purple Cat […]

Two Best Friends: Gaye and Debbie

Gay and Debbie reside together in Poland, Ohio and often work together at the Purple Cat. Currently they work together at the Morley Theater site. They are often hand in hand and help each other on and off the van daily. They are exuberant and full of life. Dancing, singing, art and saying “I love […]

Sew Be It! Purple Catters Hard at Work!

Our sewing program at Pearl Street Is growing! We picked up one more used sewing machine so we can make ALL THE THINGS! I can’t wait to see what the Purple Catters want to make for the holidays! Thank you to everyone that has purchased pillows in the past week! We are so happy and […]

Our Goats Visit Downtown Youngstown

On September 16, 2018, four of our Nigerian Dwarf goats visited Downtown Youngstown for Oh Wow’s “Silly Science Sunday”. The goats were fed their orchard grass by dozens of children. Thank you to Gaba (for loaning out her goats), Tina M. for getting supplies ready, and Jill P. and Howard Martin for clean up. The […]

September Employee Spotlight: Mark Chewar

Q: How long have you worked at the Purple Cat and what do you do and or like about it? A: Over a year. I like to do the dishes at Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket. Q: What city do you live in? A: Farrell, Pa Q: Who is your favorite staff and why? A: Gil Pagan […]

Get the new P.C.M.C. CD!

The brand new self-titled CD by P.C.M.C. is here! Click the image below to print out the order form. You can also order online at . Please make checks payable to Purple Cat. Print this order form and return to any site supervisor or mail completed form with payment to: PCMC 12 S. Phelps St. […]

Donation Day for Susan Cramer

Susan collects pennies at all our Purple Cat locations for St. Jude Children’s Hopital! She collects, rolls, and keeps the pennies in a special bank account and donates throughout the year. Today she got a donation cashier’s check written out for the amount of 700 dollars! Next time you see Susan around town tell her […]

June Employee Spotlight: Mark “Jimmy” Febres

PURPLE CAT: How many years have you worked at Purple Cat and Golden String? Jimmy: I don’t remember PURPLE CAT: What do you do for the organization? Jimmy I work the radio, clean the Phelps location, take the trash out and I play in PCMC. I work the radio, clean the Phelps location, take the […]

Volunteer says Purple Cat Prom is ‘heartwarming’

The annual Purple Cat Prom was at St. Nicholas Parish in Struthers Nathan Lehota STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – The Purple Cat is working with local youth groups to raise money for people with physical and mental disabilities, and to show them a good time. They hosted the annual Purple Cat Prom at St. Nicholas Parish in Struthers […]

Local Breweries Donate Spent Grains to Our Farm

Three local breweries, Noble Creature Cask House (Downtown Youngstown), Birdfish Brewery (Columbiana) and Crooked Tongue Brewery (Pulaski) are all donating their spent grains to Farmer Casey’s Ranch benefitting both Purple Cat and Golden String Inc. The farm uses the spent grains for composting and animal feed. The spent grains help break down recyclables into usable […]

May Employee Spotlight: Anthony Carelly

PURPLE CAT: How many years have you worked at Purple Cat and Golden String? Anthony: 3 Years PURPLE CAT: What do you do for the organization? Anthony Outside work crew – Animal care, mulching, mowing the lawn, weed-wacking. It reminds me of Summer and I like the nice trucks in the music video. PURPLE CAT: […]

Eastgate Helps Golden String and Purple Cat

Eastgate, through a federal Appalachian Grant with Mahoning County, Coitsville Township, and Golden String and Purple Cat, granted sanitary sewer lines for Farmer Casey’s Ranch. They consider us a success story. Here is Jimmy Sutman and others to explain. Thanks, Eastgate and Congressman Tim Ryan!

April Employee Spotlight: Robert Wilcox

PURPLE CAT: How many years have you worked at Purple Cat and Golden String? ROBERT: A long time. A few years perhaps. My memory gets the best of me sometimes. PURPLE CAT: What do you do for the organization? ROBERT: I wash and put away dishes at Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket. My favorite part of my […]