March Employee Spotlight: Scott Leishman

Q. How many years have you worked at Purple Cat?
A. 3 Years

Q. What do you do for the organization?
A. I clean, do paper work with Amy, Ralph, music room. I do a good job, am I right?

Q. Name someone from ISLE, PURPLE CAT &/or Golden String that inspires you and why?
A. Amy.
*Ok, why do you like me Mr. Scott?
“Cuz, your muh honey right? and Ralph too, MISTER Ralph Rich.”

Q. What is your favorite Candy Bar and why?
A. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Why? its good!

Q. Name one of your favorite songs and why?
A. Scotland Yard! I’M SCOTTISH!

A. Dog. They protect people, they are my friend… (he then gestured calling a dog over and petting a dog, smiling and said good boy)

Q. What is your favorite game show of all time?
A. Deal or no Deal. Price is Right.

Q. Where is your favorite place to get pizza in Youngstown?
A. Pizza Joes

Q. Name one of your favorite books?
A. Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
A. Steak house.

Interesting fact about Mr. Scott: He is often found wearing a beach towel that has a “kilt” design on it, as he marches around the Purple Cat Theater hitting two drum sticks together… He was chosen to be the employee spot light of March because he wanted folks to know that you will be able to see Mr Scott in a REAL KILT marching in our St Patrick’s Day Parade this year!