About Us

The Purple Cat was founded in 2003 to offer day-program alternatives for adults. Clients participate in a wide range of vocational functions, creative projects and classes that develop daily-living skills. The goal is to prompt each individual to achieve his or her potential. The Purple Cat motto is “Work hard, be kind and have fun.”

The creative arts program develops talent in the areas of ceramics, painting, theater, music, drawing, writing, jewelry making, and sewing crafts. Purple Cat creations are handmade products and girts by artists with disabilities. Proceeds are paid to all Purple Cat clients.

With training and coaching, clients perform duties in agriculture, lawn care, snow removal, building maintenance, food service, animal care and office work. Individuals enjoy the satisfaction of receiving a paycheck for a job well done.

Clients learn supplementary skills that benefit them at home, work and in the community. Healthy eating, exercise, pedestrian rules, reading and computer usage are skills that promote independence.

The original site on Champion Street, in Youngstown, continues to serve clients. Purple Cat also occupies Farmer Casey’s Ranch and the Pearl Street Mission venue. Each offers unique environments and opportunities.

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