Chelsea with Scatty: Employee(s) of the month

February Employee Spotlight: Chelsea Moritz

Chelsea Moritz with Scatty

PURPLE CAT: How many years have you worked at Purple Cat and Golden String?

CHELSEA: I have been here close to two years.

PURPLE CAT: What do you do for the organization?

CHELSEA: I help take care of the tortoise named Scat Man/Shelly. It is a lot of fun, and I get paid for doing it. It is an African spurred tortoise. It is a lot of work. There has been some confusion on if our tortoise is a boy or a girl. I did my research and watched many videos on how to tell, and ours is in fact a BOY. 100% Scatty, Scat Man the Tortoise. I also just started helping with calendar ideas! I also like helping staff and the other Catters. I love making people laugh and smile. I am a great listener to hear them talk about their problems.

I did my research and watched many videos on how to tell, and ours is in fact a boy.

PURPLE CAT: Name a Client from Purple Cat that inspires you and why?

CHELSEA: A person that inspires me is Vance Pew because he is very kind and smart. He is younger than me. He has cerebral palsy that makes him very special. He likes a lot of things I do, like anime and video games that deal with the shows. He is very brave. He asked me to dance with him which made me smile. He also gave me a birthday card and gift which was very sweet of him.

PURPLE CAT: What is your Favorite Candy bar and why?

CHELSEA: I have way too many to count. I love chocolate bars with almonds or other nuts because they have a good taste. They’re crunchy, and they make me very hyper.

PURPLE CAT: Name one of your favorite songs and why?

CHELSEA: I really enjoy Disney songs, movie scores, oldies, video game songs, and songs from cartoons and anime. My favorites are ones that I make because they are my own, and they are very special to me. I love to sing.

PURPLE CAT: If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

CHELSEA: That is very hard question to answer. I love all animals. It would be the Japanese raccoon dog or fox because they can shape shift in old Japanese myths. I would like to be any one of them to shift into.

PURPLE CAT: What is your favorite game show of all time?

CHELSEA: My favorite would be old Nickelodeon game shows. They were so awesome like Double Dare 2000, Legend of the Hidden Temple and Figure It Out.

PURPLE CAT: Where is your favorite pizza place?

CHELSEA: I live in Trumbull County, so my pizza places would be Marco’s and Belleria.

PURPLE CAT: What is your favorite book?

CHELSEA: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It is a Japanese comic book by Hayao Miyazaki.

PURPLE CAT: What is your favorite restaurant in the world?

CHELSEA: Anything that is a buffet. I LOVE TO EAT!