February Staff Spotlight: Eric Neider

Q: How long have you worked for ISLE/Purple Cat?
A: I’ve worked here five and a half years.

Q: What is your job here?
A: Instructor and Behavior Support Specialist

Q: Which Client from ISLE/Purple Cat/Golden String inspires you and why?
A: Jessica Behon because she comes in every day ready to have fun.

Q: What is your favorite Candy Bar and why?
A: Take 5… It has everything and has a lot of flavor.

Q: What is your favorite song and why?
A: There are too many to choose from

Q: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
A: A cheetah because they’re really fast.

Q: What is your favorite game show of all time?
A: Wheel of Fortune

Q: What is your favorite place in the Youngstown area to get pizza?
A: Wedgewood

Q: Name one of your favorite books?
A: Manchurian Candidate

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
A: Texas Roadhouse