Golden String Bowling Banquet

Golden String bowling 2014-2015 season was a success! We all had a great time meeting up on Wednesday nights. Bowling, eating and hanging out is always a good time with all of our friends. Thank you to the Camelot Lanes staff and of course to all of our staff for a wonderful season! We are looking forward to next year!

1st place- Walter Belloto, Jay Campbell, Mike Cobb, Mike Hyrb and Matt Dreyfus
2nd place- Stacey Clark, Roger Toto, Justin Frease and Joe Bettura
3rd place- Norm Traynor, John Walters, Paul Jackson and Russel Pavlov
Most Handsome bowler- Elijah Pegram
Best Attendence- Stephen Chuey
Most Improved- Brittany Blommer
Cutest Bowling Couple- Eric Higgs and Tiffany Gordon

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