ISLE Trivia (August Edition): Casey Przicina, Our Farm Hero

Did you ever wonder why the ISLE/Purple Cat Farm in Coitsville is named Farmer Casey’s Ranch?

The farm was named in honor of a friend of Purple Cat Directors’, Jimmy Sutman and Jill Perencevic. His name was Casey Przicina. Casey passed away at age 13 from a rare genetic disorder. Casey was the son of ISLE’s own ISP Director, Candy Davis and sister of Purple Catter, Abbey Przicina. The Przicina Family is instrumental in the development of ISLE and more importantly, involved in many acts of kindness towards adults with disabilities. When the farm property was purchased, Jimmy Sutman and Jill P. immediately thought of Candy and her family. “Candy loves the outdoors and is so kindhearted and concerned about the environment. I wanted to tie the property to someone that exemplifies all that is good”, offers Sutman.

The Davis family continually donates to the farm. A canoe, the “Casey Adam” is still in use on the seven acre lake at the farm. Most recently, a large stone pig was donated by the Davis family to adorn the front of the new vegetable stand on the property. Thank you, Casey!

Thank you, Davis family!

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