January Client of the Month: Gabriel Ulysses Tarian

Q: How long have you worked for ISLE/Purple Cat?
A: about 8 years

Q: What is your job here?
A: client, consumer, GPS, and chief­ “MR. GABRIEL ULYSSES TARIAN gentleman sir­ the… 1st”

Q: What did you do before the Purple Cat?
A: I was between jobs… exploring my options.

Q: What is your favorite candy?
A: Hershey’s chocolate candy bar with almonds and Reese’s peanut butter cups

Q: What is your favorite song?
A: Cleveland Rocks! Red Solo Cup

Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?
A: My birthday!!!

Q: What do you like to do on your days when you’re not at the Purple Cat?
A: watch sports, the weather channel, and the “Today Show”

Q: If you could be any animal, what would it be?
A: a golden retriever dog named Champion Tarian

Q: Who is your favorite Golden String Radio DJ?
A: Lonnie Morris and Radar (Russell Pavlov)

Q: What is your favorite event at ISLE/Purple Cat?
A: Valentine’s Day

Q. If you could anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: Disney World in Orlando Florida

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your name be? and what would your superpower be?
A: “The Perfect Gentleman”­ I’d have the power to melt lady’s hearts <3

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