Lit Youngstown joins us for a Poetry luncheon at the Lunch Bucket

Lunchtime was a little more exciting this past Monday at Joe Gallagher lunch bucket! Jimmy Sutman paired up with Karen Schubert of Lit Youngstown to host a poetry hour for the folks at Oak Hill Renaissance.

The Purple Catters showed their poetic abilities with some poems about their lunchtime favorites and others expressing profound gratitude and thankfulness for others.

With poetry being a Jimmy Sutman favorite, he and Karen shared a few that they found inspiring. All were in great spirits this cheerful Monday in April 🙂

Here are a couple crowd favorites:

    “SUGAR” by Ashley Foore


Hamburger, hot dog, chicken tender
It doesn’t matter because it’s not
Makes my teeth hurt, OUCH!
You and I are frenemies!

    “RC cola” by Danyell


Everyday it’s the same. You already know!
It’s RC! it’s RC! it’s RC! I want you to know
what I keep in my lunch, what I drink
everyday. It’s RC! it’s RC! it’s RC!
So tasty and sweet, it really can’t be beat.
Please make sure that you pack it for me.
What might you ask? It’s RC!