Over 50 Fish Caught at Inaugural Golden String Fishing Derby

Hello Friends, I hope you don’t mind that this feature is in letter form. I was so delighted with the 2014 Golden String Fishing Derby held on Saturday October 4, 2014. Despite the chilly weather, over 40 adults with disabilities attended the event sponsored by Steel Valley Signs, Farmer’s Bank, Jill Perencevic, Cricket’s Bar, The Royal Oaks, and Golden String Inc. Dozens of volunteers from the community (most from Farmer’s Bank) assisted our fisherpeople. Thank you Michael Staaf, Steve Murphy, Greg Ensley, Dan Cvercko, Jill Perencevic, Coni Mitchell, Heather Hallden, Halley Mitchell, Mike Melia, Michelle Melia, Nicole Melia, Sam Malizia, and all of the generous helpers. Trophies and awards were given out and food was served, courtesy of Farmer’s Bank. Enjoy the photos! Peace and love!
Givin’ is Livin’.

Jimmy Sutman
Director of Operations for Golden String Inc.

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