Purple Cat Music Class: Let It Snow

Our Purple Cat music class has been working hard to create a unique and heart-warming compilation of Christmas songs on our first time, original Purple Cat Christmas CD!

This is an exciting singing and song-writing debut for many of our clients! The album highlights the talents and personalities of our wonderful clients and staff, as they have collaborated to put an original and comical spin of some of the classic holiday favorites. The pictures below are of some of these aspiring musical stars adding the final touches on the new album covers – symbolizing how proud they are to hear their voices recorded, and to have had such an exciting experience by combining their own creativity and contribution to our newest program here at the Purple Cat. These albums will be available for sale at our Pearl street program site, and also at the Golden String Christmas party this Friday night at the Georgetown. Message us if interested in purchasing this one of a kind album featuring Christmas favorites sung by our clients!

We hope you enjoy and appreciate these tunes as much as we do! A special thanks again to the Crook family and all the others that have helped make this possible!

Happy Holidays!

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