Purple Cat Productions: Beauty and The Beast

September 19-20, 2013

Nerves were jittery and voices were shaky in anticipation of opening the curtain Thursday, September 19th. Last minute adjustments were made to costumes as songs and lines were practiced. Finally the time had come for the curtain to rise on Kayla Hamm as Belle and Michael Kawecki as the Beast. Stars were born and allowed their inner hams to come out. It was never more evident than during the song “Be Our Guest.” “Watching Jami C sing and dance around as a dinner plate made the whole play,” says Shelly P. Russel “Radar” Pavlov was so good as Lumiere that everyone followed his lead and put their whole hearts into their songs. He did so well in fact that it earned him an audition and eventually a role in the play Honk that was put on in December at the Youngstown Playhouse. When asked what she enjoyed most about the play, Christine S said, “My favorite part was Eric Trebus as Lefou. He made you actually like the bad guys.”

Speaking of bad guys, Mark Castro really showed off his vocal skills as Gaston. When asked about Mark play director Amy Rigby said, “He made my job easy. He gathered and designed his own costume and was able to memorize his lines on his own. He was a huge help to me!”. According to Allison “Scrappy” Horvat he should have married Belle!

Tim Johnson as Maurice played the perfect kooky inventor and Belle’s slightly forgetful father. “He was Hilarious!!!” (Deanna L.) “He cracked us up and kept us laughing” (Lauren W). “Kristen Seidler was the perfect Mrs. Potts, Amanda Dornshuld was adorable and possibly the cutest chip ever, Scott L. was scary as the wolf, and Kayla was beautiful as Belle” continues Deanna.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for putting on such an excellent show! The acting and singing was great, and the sets and costumes were phenomenal! We are really excited as casting begins this week for Alice In Wonderland. Good Luck to all those trying out!


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