Purple Cat Rewind @ Oak Hill

As we quickly stroll into the new year, the Purple Cat is excited to announce one of it’s new program sites!

As an upstairs neighbor to Joe Gallagher’s Lunch Bucket, Purple Cat Rewind has nestled in to hone into our thrifty minds and continue to create recycled, or “upcycled”, one-of-a-kind products! In collaboration with the Mahoning County Green Team, our goal is to highlight the importance of recycling in a way that lets us give back to our community.

We are excited to see what we can come up in the new year! As poet James Russell Lowell once said, “creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found”.

Check us out on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/PCRewind. The Purple Cat wishes you all a blessed new year!