Sherree Zamary’s Parties

The Woodstock party had live music and plenty of snacks. Sherree’s son and daughter came in to provide the entertainment. Her son played guitar while her daughter sang. Sherree spent the week before making banners, tye dying tshirts for all our clients, and making hippie jewelry. All our clients wore wigs, got their faces painted and danced to 60’s music.

Civil war day was more of a picture taking party but it was a blast. Sherree brought in authentic civil war era clothes, some props and put up a back drop. All our clients had fun getting dressed up and made some black and white and sepia pictures on the computer.

The tea party was more geared towards the girls. Sherree made cucumber sandwiches and pastries. She brought in a tea set and decorated the ABLE are like a proper English tea setting.New Years was a big event. Sherree made sure we had a Purple Cat ball to drop from the ceiling with balloons and confetti. She brought in campaign flutes and sparkling grape juice for everyone to toast with. She also made a small model of the empire state building so everyone felt like they were at Time Square for the ball drop.

The winter beach party had a limbo tournament that was a blast. Sherree made hot dogs and sliders so the clients could feel like they were grilling out when it was -5 degrees outside. Everyone changed into shorts and had beach towels around their waists and had a dance party with many floating beach balls.

The Buffett party is pretty similar to the beach party except we blast Buffett music the entire time! The Medievel Fair is just great. Sherree sets up stations for the clients to get their fortunes read, make sand art and learn some jousting and sword play. Her son came in full costume and gave a tutorial on how to split watermelons with a long sword. She decorated the path back in the woods to make it look like a bunch of ferries lived back there and made costumes for the staff to match all the themes.

Cinco de Mayo was all about the taco bar and Mexican games. Sherree made a piñata, a ring toss game and pin the tail on the donkey. Everyone had a sombrero and danced to Mexican music.

All her parties are a blast because she puts a ton of time into them and also incorporates all her co workers. Everyone in the building has a certain task to get done with the clients in the weeks leading up to the party. All the staff chip in with the shopping and prep work and all the parties have been a great time and there’s plenty more in the works.

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