We are excited to announce that we have started our new Southwoods Purple Cat program. We will be working on the sets, costumes and production for our next play Alice In Wonderland. We will also be doing some event coordination and art projects while there as well. We have been really excited for this new venture and couldn’t wait to begin. Parts were posted, and we received our scripts weeks ago and have been practicing on our own.

On our first day at Southwoods we spent time going over our new site and what our jobs are going to be. We then spent the afternoon talking about the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion!! The Beatles are a favorite group to many of our clients, so it really made our day to talk about them. We were lucky enough to have Ralph Rich come and speak about the Beatles and answer our questions.

We had a blast!!! It was the perfect way to start our new program. Congratulations and Good Luck to all of our friends!!!

Alice- Kayla Hamm
Sister- Louann Slepski
Gladys- Lauren Sebest
White Rabbit- Laurie Wilson
Dodo- Russel Pavlov
Parrot- Lonnie Morris
Tweedle Dee- Kristin Seidler
Tweedle Dum- Michael Kawecki
Rose- Lauren West
Violet- Lori Williams
Bud-Amanda Dornshuld
Flower- Deanna Lucido
Flower- Jenna Maggazine & Samantha McCue
Flower- Claudia Cadwallader & Stacy Woods
Caterpillar- Tim Johnson
Cheshire Cat- Christine Slabe
March Hare- Eric Trebus
Mad Hatter- Mark Castro
Door Mouse- Nikki Taubb
Card #3- Danny Kerr
Card #2- Bryan Apgar
Ace- Matt Fertig
Queen of Hearts- Ashley Harris
King of Hearts- Scott Leishman
Extras- Earnie White, Pauline Zuccaro, Richard Stanton,
Jami Crook, Michael Calderone, Derrik Rex

Ralph Rich 2
ScottyRalph Rich

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