The Purple Cat Gives Back

As avid supporters of recycling, the Purple Cat has ventured into the world of upcycling!
Over the past year, staff and clients have collaborated on finding ways to be productive, help the environment, and create unique things from stuff that would otherwise be considered trash.

Back in January, we requested that our families and friends donate anything that they didn’t want, or we’re going to throw away, to our program. We had a great turnout! Thank you! Our upcycling program- “PC Rewind” has been having a tremendous amount of fun brainstorming ways to repurpose! From puzzle pieces to bottle caps, vinyl records to scraps of fabric, we have created a variety of items that are fun, useful, and one-of-a-kind.
As passionate Youngstown enthusiasts, many of our creations are reminiscent of Y-town’s history- promoting it’s rebirth and the importance of it’s roots. While we “rewind” back to those feelings of nostalgia, we are aiming to “rewind” the lives of things that many view as junk… to revive or recreate a new purpose for them, rather than contributing to our landfills. Although the process has been challenging and tedious, the ability to conquer techniques and bring our clients’ ideas to life has been both inspirational and rewarding.

To see what all of our hard work has created, we will be hosting a show on Thursday, December 3rd, from 6pm-9pm, at the B&O Station on Mahoning Avenue. More details and our flier will be posted in the following weeks…Stay tuned! and check us out on facebook!