We survived Irma!

As Hurricane Irma’s high winds barreled down on Florida, the brave Purple Catters decided to
embark on a journey they’d never forget. They didn’t let Irma impact their trip. They stayed on
course & landed in sunny Myrtle Beach on September 10th, 2017.

As they eye of the storm hit the south, our friends were spared! Call it Purple Cat luck, but we
made it out of the storm’s path and enjoyed five wonderful days in South Carolina. Here’s a glimpse of the fun through the eyes of those who traveled.

According to Tim Gilboy, “the trip was a blast!.” When asked what his favorite part of the
trip was he replied, “everyting!” He especially loved being on the plane. “I loved taking
off…I felt like I was on a ride.” When asked if the home they rented was clean according to
his standards he said, “oh yes it was.” Pearl Street missed Tim while he was gone because
he’s one heck of a cleaner. No one does it better than Gilboy.

This trip was Elijah Pegram’s first time in the ocean! He said that swimming in the ocean
was his favorite part of the trip. He also said he was never worried about the hurricane…
“all good, all good.” The only thing he missed back home was his Elijah Pegram Car Wash
business that he recently started. Be sure to visit him next summer at Pearl St. to get your
ride all cleaned up. As long as the weather is nice, he’s open for business.

Others, like Diane Dickey, enjoyed the company of their peers, and that was their highlight. “I loved being with Jessica & Jill,” said Dickey. She also said she loved sipping on a wine cooler on the beach. Cheers to that, Diane!

Julia and Joey Vetrosko are siblings who love to travel. They are no stranger to vacationing & fun in the sun. Joey said his favorite thing about the trip was soaking in the hot tub & being there during the threat of a hurricane. Is storm chasing in his future? We shall see.

As you can read, this was a trip was a success. Not only because we dodged Hurricane Irma, but because we made it there safely and we all had a ball. We made sure to keep those affected by Irma in our thoughts & prayers.

Stay tuned to see where the Purple Cat travels next!